Table 2.

Baseline Angiographic and Procedural Characteristics According to the Presence of QCA-Based LSD

Without LSD (n=7268)With LSD (n=82)P Value
Lesion characteristics
 In-stent restenosis238 (3.3%)3 (3.7%)0.751
 Angulation >45°208 (2.9%)4 (4.9%)0.301
 Type B2 or C lesions2574 (35.4%)35 (42.7%)0.171
Stent platform design0.216
 Offset peak-to-peak (Promus Element)2679 (36.9%)23 (28.0%)
 Peak-to-peak (Endeavor Resolute)1294 (17.8%)15 (18.3%)
 Peak-to-valley (Promus/Xience V)3176 (43.7%)41 (50.0%)
 Others119 (1.6%)3 (3.7%)
Procedural characteristics
 Mean diameter of stent per lesion, mm3.12±0.453.21±0.480.067
 Mean length of stent per lesion, mm22.3±5.7124.6±7.380.007
 Maximal balloon pressure, atm13.5±4.0815.2±3.870.001
  • LSD indicates longitudinal stent deformation; and QCA, quantitative coronary angiography.